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Weld overlay is a welding process, where one or more metals with specific characteristics are applied to a base metal to improve desirable properties of the component.

Weld overlay may also be referred to as cladding, hard facing, weld cladding or weld overlay cladding. The main purpose of weld overlay is its use for corrosion resistance or wear resistance.

Hard facing is done on the various parts such as valve seat rings, wedges, discs, pump seals, sleeves, shafts, spindles, wear rings, etc.,

Our firm comprises of highly experienced qualified Welding Engineers, Qualified Welders to satisfy our customer needs & expectations. All our Welding Procedures & Welders are qualified by External Third Party Agency. Testing of our products is done at National Accredited Laboratory. We have TIG, MIG and PTAW machines at our state of art facility.


A variety of alloys are deposited on inferior substrates such as carbon steels & low alloy steels.

Some of the super alloys are Cobalt- based alloys such as Stellites, Triballoys and Nickel-based alloys (such as Colmonoy, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, etc.), WC, Al-Bronze, etc. 300 series and 400 series stainless Steels is also cladded on components most effectively.

We purchase stellite rods and stellite powders from reputed manufacturers with proper test certificates.

Machined parts

Stellite welded and machined

Stellite welded and machined