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Sourcing & Trading

Your journey towards sourcing & trading solution terminates here as we are having more than 30 years of SME ( Subject matter expert) in the field of supply chain management of procuring steel castings, Cast iron & SG castings, Buy outs, Consultancy service, expediting service, product development, re engineering, reverse engineering, project execution for the AUTOMOBILE, OIL AND GAS, PUMP, VALVE, PROCESS INDUSTRY, TEXTILE & GENERAL INDUSTRY.


Automobile - Four wheeler:

  • Head lamp wiring with relay

  • Vehicle Tracker

  • Electronic Fuel Pump

  • Water Pump

  • Heavy duty starter and motor sub assembly

  • Front Bumber

  • Luggage Carrier

  • Wheel distance piece

  • Speed Governor

Automobile - Two wheeler:

  • Head lamp wiring with relay

  • Vehicle Tracker

  • Cross Bumper & Butterfly bumper

  • Side Stand

  • Cub Stand

  • Saree Guard

  • Handle

Oil and Gas:

  • Gate, globe and check valve parts

  • Valve sub assembly with hydro test

  • Control valve parts

  • Solenoid valve

  • Sand Casting

  • Investment castings

  • Forgings

  • Non-Ferrous alloy parts


  • Air reservoir

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Storage tank

  • Heavy fabrication for cement industry

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Stainless steel and special alloy steel fabrication

  • Scrubbers

Our Trading & Sourcing solution offers a genuine “ONE-STOP SHOP” for customers seeking to source High quality, cost effective products / parts.

Our service portfolio includes :

  • Manufacture of the parts / product as per drawing.
  • Expediting
  • Sub assembly for automobile parts, Valves, Pumps.
  • Strategic advice on finding supplier.
  • Identification and Qualification of potential suppliers.
  • Supplier development
  • Project management in new project development.
  • Order monitoring
  • Problem Solving
  • On going support
  • Fabrication
  • Medical Equipment